The Healing Potential of Birth Tissue

Did you know your baby’s birth tissue could be used to benefit someone else? Often, the birth tissue is discarded along with medical waste. But with your donation, this same birth tissue can help dozens of others.

Birth tissue donation, or birth tissue recovery, is a program of Sierra Donor Services that utilizes the birth tissue’s remarkable ability to heal. After the baby’s birth, the birth tissue’s cellular components and amniotic membrane can be repurposed to create products for wound healing, scar tissue repair, and wound tissue regeneration.

Birth tissue can be used for face and eye injuries, burns, oral surgeries, spine surgeries, diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers, bed sores, and a variety of other soft tissue healing. Read more to find out how you can donate to Sierra Donor Services.

With your donated birth tissue, the lives of up to 50 people can be improved!