Processing Partners

With its birth tissue donation program, Sierra Donor Services extends and enhances the value doctors, clinicians, and hospitals provide to their respective communities. Each birth tissue donation benefits up to 50 different patients in need of its many wound-healing properties and scar tissue prevention properties.

When you work with SDS, you work with an experienced team of patient-centered professionals. The SDS tissue recovery teams are highly qualified in both the technical and emotional complexities of tissue procurement. This deep understanding extends into the community of expectant mothers, where handling the various aspects of birth tissue donation requires exceptional care and dedication.

With over 40 years of experience, SDS high level of proficiency adheres to FDA regulations and AATB guidelines for the transfer of HCT/P tissue-based products under 21 CFR Part 1271. Once the birth tissue donation program is initiated, we can customize tissue recovery procedures to suit specific systems and needs. We will also provide ongoing evaluation of these processes to ensure consistent quality and service.

Our trained specialists manage the entire process, meeting the needs of processors and coordinating tirelessly with doctors and staff. We ensure patients meet the required donor eligibility and screening protocols, then obtain patient consents, maternal health histories, and blood samples before the birth itself. Once in the OR, we work to ensure the valuable birth tissue is handled and shipped in a sterile and utmost professional manner.